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Whether it is elegant, richly decorated, simple or irresistible, there is an ideal hat for every moment. Hats from our collections, with their fine workmanship, wearing comfort and excellent protection from all weather conditions, have become faithful companions of true and passionate hat lovers around the world.

It is important to note that in the world of fashion, styles intertwine and new things are constantly being tried. There are very small differences between certain styles and expressions such as trilby and fedora, which are quite interchangeable today where the characteristic rim sizes used to be. Plus, there are literally hundreds of hat styles when you include specifics like a bellhop cap or Napoleon’s famous bicorn

All our hats are handmade from the finest merino wool!

Shaping the drops is really the key to making a felt hat!

Production Process

Felt is obtained by rolling and pressing merino wool and applying moisture and heat so that the fibers are matted / joined and create felt. It is soft and can be obtained in any color. This makes hats an ideal companion for all weather conditions! All our hats are made of 100% the finest merino wool, which guarantees you ease and enjoyment when wearing.

The layer of felt is removed from the body itself. The body is several times the height of the finished hat and it is so delicate that it should be treated with the utmost care. Now the reduction has begun in earnest, until the body successively shrinks from its original enormous dimensions to its final size.

The body is bent, soaked in hot water and rolled under pressure. From time to time it is opened, inspected and if it is satisfactory, it is bent again, soaked, rolled and pressed. Under the action of hot water and manipulation, the fibers are reduced, and the protruding grids are tightly tightened and tightened until the cone is larger than the finished hat, so it is firmly felt that a strong man cannot separate it. This is hard and arduous work, and it must be done quickly, or the body will cool down. Although machines play a role in this process, more in the lower and middle processes than in the final processing, the body shrinks manually, especially in the early stages when the cone is large and extremely delicate. Cutting machines are “rollers”, like large washing machines. The bodies are wrapped in cloths and passed through rollers, through which hot water is poured. Thus, manual rolling is mechanically stimulated. However, a trained worker must always be present to professionally wrap the bodies, often inspecting them and adjusting the rollers. Even the shaping machine requires a highly trained operator to control the current inside the machine so that the wool is perfectly distributed on the cone.

The rough shape is obtained by stretching the finished shape by blocking the crown and flanging the edges. The stretching of the crown is done on a machine that has a frame over which a cone is placed, and above that metal fingers. Fingers “massage” the top of the cone, pressing the felt between the ribs of the frame, stretching it. The lower edge brackets grasp the edge with metal fingers and work on the same principle. From the moment the body was formed until the blockage, the hat received a lot of careful treatments in addition to the steps listed here.

The hat is roughly locked into shape by wetting and pulling over the wooden block. Blocking to the final size is done with steam and iron. Finally, the hat is decorated with leather, linings and sewn-on ribbons, and all this must be done with care, because the workmanship shows quality.

Packable / Crushable  

Packable / Crushable. When you see a hat labeled “Packable / Crushable”, it generally means that it can withstand more abuse or is not so fragile that it will break when this action is applied, it may take a little money and love to return to its original shape. In any case, always think of the term for Packable / Crushable as a durable, long-lasting and long-lasting hat.

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